Antique photos

The development of tourism in the islands, especially in the second half of the XX century, has, as a consequence in the South of Tenerife, a series of deep changes in society and the territory of this region.

Meanwhile, the culmination of the slow process of construction of the Main Road of the South, with the arrival of the municipality of Guía de Isora in 1975, was a significant improvement in the communications of the region, facilitating exchanges for land, among the main population centres of the South, all of them located in the midlands, and facilitating the access of people and goods to the capital of the island.

The arrival of the road to the South allowed the development of agriculture in the area, enabling the export of products such as tomatoes and bananas through the port of Santa Cruz. This section contains a set of ancient photographs that pretend to show graphically the reality of the middle mountain area of the region during the XX century, showing the direct link between these areas, the road itself, its villages and its people.